Empowering Africa’s Future: Honoring Mrs. Esther Omenka’s Visionary Leadership at the Visionary African Women Summit

On the 23rd day of June 2023, a prestigious event took place in Accra, Ghana, as the Visionary African Women Summit honored Mrs Esther Omenka Esq with the esteemed Visionary Africans Recognition Award. The award was well deserved, celebrating Mrs Omenka’s outstanding contribution to humanity, women empowerment and advocacy as well as her immense contributions to the advancement of the African child particularly the Girl Child across the African Continent, through the Starcrest for Women in Africa Foundation.

The Visionary African Women Summit, known for acknowledging the achievements and impacts of extraordinary women across the continent, selected Mrs Omenka as the recipient of this year’s Visionary Africans Recognition Award. This recognition is a testament to her unwavering dedication and relentless efforts towards promoting the empowerment of women and children in Africa.

Over the years, Mrs. Esther Omenka has proven herself to be a true visionary leader, dedicated to improving the lives of women and children across Africa. She has championed countless initiatives aimed at women empowerment, advocacy and mentorship, some of which include; the SCWAF annual Vocational Skill Acquisition which has trained thousands of WOMEN in several vocational skills ranging from baking, wig making, liquid soap/sanitizer/room fresher production, makeup artistry, fashion designing, to mention but a few; the SCWAF COVID Relief outreach; the SCWAF annual Easter food drive; the SCWAF annual Christmas outreach all targeted at distribution of food items and other household items including clothes to the under privileged; just to mention but a few. Children are not left out as the Foundation has organized several BACK2SCHOOL programs targeted implementing its Mandate to provide Basic education for all children no matter the background or gender. Further to this, the Starcrest Foundation has organized several mentorship programs for the Girl child including its PROJECTPADME(PPM); PROJECTMYSTAR(PMS); PROJECTGIRLSCANTOO(PGCT) targeted at sensitizing and mentoring the Girlchild for excellence. Through the Starcrest for women in Africa Foundation, Mrs. Omenka has impacted the less privileged, providing them with education, healthcare, financial support, and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The foundation has also embarked on numerous campaigns to create awareness about gender equity, women’s rights, and the eradication of harmful cultural practices that hinder women’s progress. Under Mrs Omenka’s leadership, the foundation has continually made strides in building a more equitable society for women in Africa.

The Visionary Africans Recognition Award not only acknowledges Mrs Omenka’s remarkable accomplishments but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring leaders and individuals striving to make a positive impact on society. It highlights the importance of empowering women and recognizes the immense potential they hold in shaping a brighter future for Africa.

In her acceptance speech, Mrs Omenka expressed her deepest gratitude for the recognition and shared her vision for the future. She emphasized the need for collaborative efforts among government bodies, corporations, non-profit organizations, and individuals to create a supportive ecosystem that enables women to rise above challenges and achieve their full potential. Mrs Omenka’s visionary leadership and dedication to women’s empowerment have garnered international acclaim, and this award serves as a testament to her significant contributions. It also acts as a call to action for society to continue championing equality and providing opportunities for women to thrive in every aspect of life.

As we celebrate Mrs Esther Omenka’s well-deserved recognition, let us be inspired by her unwavering commitment to making a difference. May her achievements serve as a catalyst for change, motivating us all to strive for a more inclusive and prosperous Africa, where every woman has the opportunity to succeed and make a lasting impact on society.

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